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I'm currently not taking on any new mod work so I can prepare for Hi-Def NES work.
FAQ - When will I do mods again? Answer - No idea, sorry!
Will I make an exception for you? - No I won't, sorry!
Who do I recommend to do your mods? - I won't play favorites, sorry!

Game-Tech is your source for classic video game modding services.

Select a link in the left sidebar to view info about a console you'd like to upgrade.

To get your console modded, send only the unit, no accessories or a/c etc, I have all that stuff to test with.
Let me know exactly what you want done and also let me know to expect your parcel.
Paypal payment can be made to pay for modding services.
Customer is responsible for return shipping cost as well.
I don't do shipping quotes since I have no idea where you are or how heavy you are going to make the package, both of which determine the cost of shipping.
Mod services are usually performed same day as package arrival and sent back to you asap!

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